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Joshua vs Breazeale Live Boxing Today

Joshua vs Breazeale Live Boxing Fight Today

Joshua vs Breazeale Live Boxing Fight TV Coverage After just 16 fights, Joshua is a world heavyweight champion. Watch Live Boxing On London. He seized the IBF crown in emphatic fashion back on April 9 by blasting aside Charles Martin inside two rounds at the same arena. His first challenger is Martin’s fellow American Breazeale, who competed in the same Olympic Games that saw Joshua clinch a super-heavyweight gold medal. Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale Live stream online TV channel [HBO], ESP3, BTN, ESPU, VERS, FSN, ABC, NBC,  CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, You Live Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale Live Boxing Don’t worry,we are here for your help.Here you can get your all. Live Boxing

Anthony Joshua :

Thoughts on his preparation for the fight: “I feel great condition wise, and mentally I’m in a good place. I’ve never felt so relaxed because I just know I’m capable of doing it. I’ve trained weeks and years and it’s just about getting it right on the night of the fight. My tactics and my mind have not let me down so far, so that’s why I don’t want to change anything. “I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. I’m going to attack the fight the same way I have my last 16 and put on an explosive show. That’s what the Americans love. They like knockouts and I won’t let them down. “Every fight can be my last fight. As much as I would like to tell you I’m confident and ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’ I do understand I have to approach this as if it could be my last fight. “I know he can hang around, he doesn’t go down easy. He’s a big guy, he can eat shots. The Dominic Breazeale I’m used to watching on YouTube and I’m reading about is the enhanced Dominic Breazeale – the Dominic Breazeale that is 50 percent better because I think he knows he wants to come prove himself on a global stage. And this is his chance come Saturday, so I need to prepare for the best of Breazeale.”

Dominic Breazeale :

“I’m out here very excited. I can’t wait to get in the ring June 25 and shock the world, that’s for sure. I’ve been lucky enough to prepare for the biggest fight of my life and I’m really super excited about it.” On why he thinks he was selected for this matchup: “Honestly, the way I see it is that someone didn’t do their research. They didn’t look deep enough. They didn’t find out enough about me and maybe they’re looking at me as just another football player that transitioned into boxing. And I’m hoping they’re overlooking me. It definitely can be a situation where they’re just watching one fight, especially my last fight. But there’s been a lot of tough ones. If they’re looking at that one situation, I’m glad because that’s to my liking.” On his feelings about fighting overseas: “The way I’m thinking about it is, June 25, I gain 20,000 fans. I’m in a situation where I’m very confident going into this fight and I know for sure I’m going to put on a great show, come out victorious and go back to the U.S. with 20,000 UK fans.

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