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Chiefs vs Patriots Live NFL

The NFL playoffs already started for the Chiefs, coming off a 30-0 victory over the Houston Texans, but this Saturday will kickoff the postseason for the Patriots. Can New England reach its fifth straight conference championship game?

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##Match Fixture##
NFL Divisional Championships 2016
Chiefs vs Patriots
Match Start: Saturday 16 January 2016

Five straight conference championships would tie the 1973-77 Oakland Raiders for the most in league history. The Raiders went 1-4 in these conference championships, but managed to win the 1976 Super Bowl.

The Patriots are currently tied with the 1967-70 Raiders, 1970-73 and 1992-95 Cowboys, and 1990-93 Bills in second place.

The Kansas City Chiefs have won 11 straight and are coming off a 30-0 win over the Houston Texans in the AFC Wild Card round. Still, they aren’t expected to beat the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots when the two teams meet on Saturday.

With Edelman healthy, the Patriots have averaged almost 100 more yards per game than when he was sidelined. He sat for seven games this season with a broken foot, during which the team lost in surprising fashion to the Eagles, Jets and Dolphins. The beginning of the season was the saving grace for the team, with enough wins to earn a first-week bye in the postseason and another week for Edelman to prepare for his return.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was very effective against the Texans, completing 77.3 percent of passes for 190 yards and a touchdown. If he’s without wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who suffered a high ankle sprain — in what looked like a scary replay of his former knee injury — the running backs will have to carry more of the offensive load.

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